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Getting your child ready for preschool

Friday, April 6th, 2018

how to prepare your child for preschoolHow do you know if your child is ready for preschool?

At Young Explorers, we encourage families to come in for a tour and take advantage of our free day before enrolling. We can answer any questions parents might have about the process for getting children ready for preschool.

Here are a few ways to prepare your child for preschool:

Encourage your Child to Spend time with Others

Before you can expect your child to play with other children, you must first expose him or her to other playmates. This is the best training to introduce your child to concepts such as sharing and taking turns. Many preschoolers are isolated from other children and this can make integration into the preschool more traumatic. By simply arranging for your child to have play dates with friends, or by enrolling him or her in a social gathering, you can ensure that your child will have the exposure needed to feel confident in a social setting.

Acknowledge Your Child’s Fears

If your child tells you that he or she is fearful about starting preschool be sure to acknowledge their fears and don’t dismiss them. Many times, well-meaning parents shrug off their children’s fears and in turn reply with upbeat and positive replies. However, it is crucial to your child’s emotional development that they express their fears and insecurities and feel that they are acknowledged. To help them overcome their nervousness, try watching a video together that pertains to starting school, or even read a book together that discusses it. Try I am Absolutely Too Small for School by Lauren Child. Browse for more titles at your local library or check out the Scholastic recommended reads.

By taking the time to prepare your child, instilling routines or rituals, and planning on more activities for your child that involve other children, you can ensure that your little one will be well prepared when it is time for him or her to start preschool.