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 Young Explorers May Parents Newsletter

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Dear Parents:

May is always an exciting month at Young Explorers School. Please note some of the special events we will have planned.

Friday, May 11, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. is our annual Mother’s Day Tea

This means moms (and dads who are also being both parents), grandmothers, aunts and guests are invited to join us. We will have special treats and surprises. Please let us know by May 9 if you plan on attending.

Memorial Day – May 28 YES! will be closed

Summer School

Summer Program reservations are being taken for our school age program. We will limit our class to 12 children. The rates for summer will include our swimming program and field trips.

June 9 is our Showers Point Campout 

We reserve Group Site 1 at Showers Point on Mt. Lemmon. Take the Organization Ridge road past the Boy Scout Camp.  YES! families are  invited to join us. The camp site can accommodate 25 guests. We will have a sign up sheet available with more information shortly. Since we are already feeling the heat of summer I know you will want to join us. You may come up for the day as well as plan to stay the night. More information is available for those planning on spending the night.

Sunscreen Permission Needed

Please put sunscreen on before coming to school. If you want your child to be reapplied we must have a written permission. Permission forms are ready for you to sign when you bring in your sunscreen. Please be sure to have your child’s name on the sunscreen.

Swimming Season is Coming Soon

swimming at young explorers schoolsLooking ahead to swimming, children who are potty trained I mean really potty trained will be eligible to go swimming with their class group. Each child will need a swim suit, small tee shirt and a small towel. (No Beach Towels) Everything must have their name on it. Every Friday we will send the suit, tee shirt, and towel home to be laundered. Due to health reasons, we will not have any extra suits available. If you forget to bring the suit in your child will not be able to swim until they have their own suit. As they say—No suit, no swim.

Please pass the word regarding our search for a swim instructor. They must have a current Life Guard Certificate or Water Safety Certificate. If we have a WSI instructor we will be offering swim lessons. We will keep you posted about the lessons.

Our staff is working on the themes and activities for our summer program. A Summer newsletter is getting produced as we speak.  Lots of fun times ahead.

Quality First Update

Quality First LogoOur coach Josi Terrell has helped us with our new order of educational equipment and materials for our classrooms. It will be fun receiving all of our new equipment. Our classrooms will be getting a new look.  In addition to the educational materials and supplies we are getting exciting coaching. This will help us get ready for our next visit from Quality First Observers. Our goal is to get at least a 3 star or higher rating. When this happens we will be able to qualify for scholarships to assist some of our families. Unfortunately this will be a year or two away before we can have any new benefits.  It is always a very challenging procedure and our staff will be devoting many hours in learning and growing their professional skills.

Time to Say Good Bye

Some of our students will be leaving this month due to their parents having time off for the summer. Let’s hope they have a terrific summer and will be joining us back in the Fall. Reservations for Fall need to be made to insure your child’s spot.

Preschool Hour Reminder

Just a reminder every child attending YES! will have Preschool times daily. Our preschool hours are between 9:00-11:30 a.m. Our preschool includes language activities, music and art, physical and fine motor play to name a few. One important benefit of our preschool is that our children are learning many of the skills expected in “Big School” class programs. It is only when we have lunch and nap time that our extended care time is considered “child care”.  When children are here at our school for many hours of the day, we need to provide care for the child’s total development. This includes meals and rest times which are just as important for a healthy child development.

One of the most rewarding times I have experienced is when I meet former families and children several years later. I always ask how their children are doing in school.  Our reward is that they report their children love school and are excelling. Lifelong learning is truly one of our goals for children. Learning and loving learning always assist children in discovering, problem solving and achieving. Each day is very special for children and their growth. What a joy it is to be a part of their “total” child development.

February 2018 Family Newsletter

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Valentines Day PartyDear Y.E.S! Families,

February is a very short month but it is definitely action packed. Check these exciting events and be sure to join us if possible.

Valentine’s Day Party: Wednesday, Feb. 14

Our party will begin at 9:45 a.m. and continue to 11 a.m. We will have story time, music, games and Valentines!

If you would like your child to bring in Valentines for the party, please bring them in on or before Feb. 13. This will give the children a chance to deliver them to the Valentine Bags. Have your child sign them “To my Friend: from their name. This is a real wonderful opportunity to encourage your child to notice letters and recognition skills too.

Visual Screening with Lions Club, Thursday Feb. 15 at 9 a.m.

This is a great opportunity for your child to have their eyes screened. The process is very simple and quick. You may get more information about the process by checking the Lions website. There is a video and explanation.  If you do not want your child’s eyes screened, please let us know. We can have a signup sheet for you to let us know. Check out the video at https//

Also, if you have pairs of old glasses that you have been wondering what to do with them, this is your chance to donate them to the Lions Club. They are able to recycle them for people who are in need of glasses. We will have a box for your donations.

Friday, Annual Rodeo Party, Friday, Feb. 23

We will have special cowboy beans and cornbread for lunch. The Rocking Star Ranch Ponies will be here to give the children pony rides. The festivities will begin after breakfast. Parents and friends are invited to join us for lunch. We will post a reservation sign up list.

Quality First LogoQuality First Update

Our staff enjoyed the training session last Saturday with our coach Josi Terrell. Our goal is to learn more about the standards for the program. It is always exciting to learn.  We are looking forward to our next visit. We will keep you posted. There have been many changes in the program so it will be interesting to see the new process.

Curriculum Corner

Valentine’s Day is an excellent way to encourage your child’s literacy skills. Take time when the children bring home their Valentines to read them and discuss the words and letters. Have your child dictate their greetings to grandparents and special friends. If you would like your child to know what happens with “snail mail,” you might even mail your child a card so that they can have the experience of going to the mail box. If you would like to mail a Valentine to your child at school, address it to your child care of Young Explorers School, P.O. Box 14614, 85732.

Take advantage of your time during your drive to and from school to encourage your child to look for letters. Children know a lot of words because they have experienced them. Most children recognize M for McDonalds and other restaurants too. Every day each of us have the opportunity to encourage children to become aware of the “reading environments”! By encouraging your child to share their recognition skills you can begin to see an emerging eager reader! Enjoying reading is the goal!

I hope you picked up the YES! Valentine Song Flyer. We will be singing our songs daily and at our Valentine’s Day Party too. This might help you understand some of the words your child may be singing.

Happy Valentine’s Day for all!

Dr. Fil.

Celebrating 47 YearsYoung Explorers SchoolP.S. Thank you for attending our 47th Birthday Party last week. It was quite a turn out. Many friends and family made the event very rewarding. Taking time to remember our past encourages us to continue to provide nurturing and educational learning opportunities daily for our children.