November’s Bellevue School Newsletter

pumpkinWhere have all the pumpkins gone? Well at Young Explorers our pumpkins have gone on to the boil and smash detail. We are gearing up for our annual Thanksgiving Feast. The Thanksgiving Dinner will be served on Thursday, November 17, at 5:45 p.m. 6:45 p.m. This has been our tradition for over 38 years. Please make your reservations early so we can have a head count. The cost will be your donation of food or cash donations for the Community Food Bank.


Our jack-o-lanterns have been cooked and mashed into pulp. This week we will be baking pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies. We have “secret recipes” that we would be willing to share if you would like to have a copy. There are so many skills that children learn from cooking activities: measuring, eye –hand co-ordination, muscle building from stirring, reading recipes, math skills cups, half cups etc.) The most important skill of course is the tasting! We know children learn best with hands-on-experiences.

Our other Learning Themes will be centered on Thanksgiving past and present. Our songs, stories and of course cooking experiences will add to our sights, sounds and taste buds. Creating memories has been one of Young Explorers goals all these many years, we hope each of our families will be able to join us this special school event. Don’t miss it. Besides the food is delicious!


Please be sure to have your child’s name on their coats and sweaters. You can only imagine how many size 4 sweatshirts there are! Since the weather is constantly changing for a while, we recommend you dress your child in layers since it may be cold in the morning and warm the rest of the day. This would assist us in the late afternoon in gathering up the right clothes for each child.


Suzanne Mohs is our school’s book ordering chair. We appreciated the orders for our October books. YES is able to add new books to our library. Suzanne will post the new orders. Watch for the signs. The checks must be made out to Scholastic Books or cash is also accepted. The children and staff enjoy seeing our new books and we do appreciate Suzanne assisting us with this. Consider books for holiday giving.


Each child received a brand new book from Reading is “Fundamental” Our school was selected to participate with this wonderful literacy program. We are also blessed to have Mr. John read to our children every Wednesday morning. Make Way for Books is the sponsoring organization. The children and our staff enjoy Mr. John’s books, puppets, songs and even learning Spanish words too. Make Way for Books have donated beautiful books to our school. This has enabled us to have a “Check Out” books library. So if your child brings home a book, please take time to read it and be sure to return it soon. When your child returns the book, they will be able to get another book to take home.


Just a reminder of our YES school holidays for November and December. Young Explorers Schools will be open on Thursday, November 11. We will be closed November 24 and 25 for Thanksgiving. Our December holidays will be December 23 for Christmas Eve Day.


Food BankYoung Explorers Schools has always participated in our Tucson community. One of the highlights of the year is our food drive for Tucson Community Food Bank. This year this drive will be very critical since many of our families in Tucson are having great challenges. We will have boxes for your donations and you are encouraged to bring your donations in the week of November 14-22nd. Some of the children will be taking our donations down to the Community Food Bank on Tuesday, Nov. 22. Cash, canned foods and non-perishables are always appreciated. Do you know for each dollar the CMB gets $9.00 worth of food? So cash donations are very important too.


YES is approaching our 41st birthday in January 2012. We are brainstorming how we can advertise our schools. I have contacted some of our parents who are willing to post flyers and notices on the bulletin boards at work. We have our website to get our name circulating there.

The best advertising is our own families who are willing to share their feelings regarding the care and education their child is receiving. We would like to encourage you to continue to refer us. Be sure to tell your referrals to let us know who gave them the referral we will then give you the referral credit of $25.00.

Wishing you all the blessings of Thanksgiving! Let us find grateful hearts and spread the joy, love and peace to all.

With Grateful Hearts,
Dr. Filomena Brooks

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