November’s Avenida Sirio School Newsletter

Now that the weather has finally cooled down, it is beginning to feel more like fall. We are gearing up for a busy couple of months with Family Involvement Activities and the holidays. This is a fun time of year and the children will have lots to share with you about all the activities they are doing in their classrooms. Please check your child’s art folder regularly and visit the classroom to see a slight glimpse of what their busy days entail.

New Staff Membersteacher-with-apple

Please help us welcome our new staff members. Ms. Monique is our new school age teacher and is closing with Ms. Shenise. She worked at a couple of childcare centers and was a nanny before coming to Young Explorers School. She is a trumpet player in a Mariachi Band and enjoys sports and being active. Ms. Vanessa is a volunteer who worked in a childcare center at Empire High School while she was attending school. She really enjoys helping out the teachers and doing activities with the children. She has loved children since she young and always knew she wanted to work in a childcare center.

Fall Carnival

Thank you to all of your who joined us at the carnival and those who helped bake or volunteer your time. The families who attended seemed to really enjoy themselves!

Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving_spreadOur annual Thanksgiving dinner will be held on Friday, November 18th. We will begin serving dinner at 5:45 p.m. There is no cost to you, but we are asking that our families donate nonperishable food that we will take to the food bank the week of November 21st. There will be boxes in the office for the food. To prepare for the dinner the children will be busy from now until then making decorations and helping prepare side dishes for the meal. Please RSVP soon so that we have an idea of how much food to prepare.


We need an estimate of how many children will be attending each day by 9:30 a.m. for staffing and meal preparation. If your child will be in after 9:30, please call and let us know. Also, we are required by Arizona Department of Health Services to keep an illness log. If your child is ill, please call and let us know.

When you bring your child in, please sign them in and then take them to their classroom. In the evenings, please pick up your child and then sign them out. Since we are part of the food program, we have to keep accurate records of how many meals that we serve to the children and the sign in sheets must match up to the meal service times. Thank you!


The following days Young Explorers Schools will be closed on Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th for Thanksgiving and Friday, December 23rd for Christmas for Holidays. Please mark your calendars and make arrangements for childcare on these days.

Warm Clothessnowflake

Please make sure your children are dressed for the weather because we will continue to play outside daily. It will be chilly in the mornings and evenings so please make sure your child has a jacket or sweatshirt daily. Make sure you swap out your child’s extra summer clothes for warm clothes to keep in their cubby in case of accidents. Please make sure your child has a blanket in their cubby for rest time as well.

Infant Room Coming Soon…

We will begin construction on our infant room and minor remodel and repairs to the school in the next few weeks. Your quality of care that your child receives will never be compromised and the safety and well being of your child will always be the top priority throughout the entire process. The blue prints will be available for your viewing if you are interested in seeing exactly what will be done. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Ms. Carri. We have a waiting list started as our spots will be limited due to licensing capacity. We do not have tuition prices available at this time.

Dramatic Play Centers

The teachers are frequently changing out the dramatic play centers in the classrooms to make them into restaurants, beauty shops, grocery stores, post offices, police station, etc. If you have any nonworking small appliances (i.e. hair dryers, toasters, coffee pots, adding machines, etc.), pots/pans, dishes, empty food containers (washed out, please), dress up clothes…we would love to have them. The children love having real items to play with.

Science Centers

We are also working on enhancing our science centers in the classrooms. Items like interesting rocks, cactus spines, empty beehives, leaves, metal to use with magnets, bugs…the list is endless and provide the children with new experiences to observe and discover new things.

Parking Lot

Please be considerate of each other and follow the arrows marked in the front parking lot. The south driveway is the entrance and the north is an exit. Please park to one side or the other so that there is room for multiple cars to park. It is a small area and tends to get pretty congested at times but if we all work together, hopefully things will go smoothly at drop off and pick up.

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