January 2012

Child PlayingIt is so hard to believe that it is already a new year!  Hopefully your holidays were enjoyable and relaxing.  They tend to always be a little chaotic and although we look forward to them, most of us are glad that the craziness is over.  As you have noticed, we are busy working away at the construction in our Infant/Toddler Building.  I have been down there checking on it periodically and am excited to share it with you when it is completed.  We have remodeled one of the bathrooms so that the middle room will have full access to the bathroom and we added a washer and dryer so that laundry can be done on site.  Both buildings have had new heaters and air conditioners put on the roof (bring on the warm weather! J)  The kitchen area in the middle room was removed giving the children more area to play in.  And in the very last room, our new Teddy Bear Room, is where will be opening our infant room.  A new sink and counter were put in the room for preparing bottles and a more age appropriate diaper-changing table were added.  Fresh paint and new flooring are the final things that we are waiting for so that we can start moving furniture in and welcome our new children!  We will have limited space available due to licensing requirements and physical space so tell your friends to call to be put on our list now as space will fill quickly.  Look for many exciting changes to happen the next couple of weeks as we transition back into our regular classrooms and new families and staff join our Y.E.S. family!

Please help me welcome Ms. Ta’neka.  Ms. Ta’neka has five years of experience working in centers in Iowa before moving to Tucson and is working with Ms. Pam in our twos/threes room.  She has come in and been a wonderful addition to our staff.  She is amazing with the children and has quickly learned the children’s names and needs.  She is eager to learn all of our parents’ names as well.  The children really enjoy her upbeat, outgoing personality as she is sitting on the floor interacting, singing and dancing with them all day!

As always, please feel free to let me know if you ever have any questions, concerns, or compliments! J

Young Explorers Turns 41 Years Old!

January 2012 marks the 41st Birthday of Young Explorers Schools.  Dr. Filomena Brooks and her husband, Roger have been the owners of the two schools the entire time and the philosophy and mission statement have continued to touch the lives many over the past forty-one years.  In fact, there are many parents who attended themselves as children who are now bringing their children to Y.E.S. because of the experiences they had.  We are so glad that each and every one of you are here and for each of you who have had a part in the school’s success!

Referral Credit

Did you know for each new family that you refer to Y.E.S. you get a $25 credit off your childcare bill?  As soon as the family enrolls, you will receive a certificate that can be used at your convenience.

Tax Statement Reminder

Childcare expenses can be written off on your taxes.  There is a sign up sheet on the counter to request a tax statement if you need one.  Please let me know if there are special circumstances so that I can accommodate those when doing your statement.

Tuition Reminder

Please remember that tuition is due on Mondays.  If your payment is not received by Wednesday, a $15.00 late fee will be assessed.  DES Payments are due by the 15th of each month or a $15.00 late fee will be assessed as well.  Scholarship families must keep their account current to continue eligibility on the program.  Please talk to Carri if you need to make special payment arrangements.  If you pay with checks, please include your child’s first and last name in the “Memo” part of the check.  To avoid confusion or incorrect information, please direct any questions regarding your account to Carri only.

Birthday Treats

Children love to celebrate their birthday at school with their friends and they are welcome to bring in snacks to share.  Birthday treats must be store bought (because it’s prepared in a licensed kitchen) and Dr. Fil’s only request is no cupcakes, please.  Cookies, pudding or Jell-O Cups, Yogurt, fruit snacks, etc are better choices.

Dress For Mess

During the day your child explores with paint, mud, water, play dough, etc.  Although we encourage the children to wear smocks, sometime clothes tend to get wet or dirty during their exploration.  It is important that each child have an extra set of clothes in their cubby at all times so they can be clean and dry.  Also, please send your child to school in clothes that you don’t mind if paint, play dough, shaving cream, or mud gets on them.

Child Playing

Simple Learning Activities To Do At Home

There are many simple, every day activities that children can help you with that are teaching opportunities.  For example, sorting and matching socks is a math activity because they are comparing and contrasting.  Simple baking projects are science activities because there is a change in the separate ingredients that occur when they are mixed together and cooked.  Reading books together and talking about the pictures and the story helps to enhance their communication and imagination.  Playing with play dough is a great way to strengthen the muscles in the children’s fingers and hands.  This is help them be able to hold a pencil and cut with scissors later down the road.  Running, jumping, and climbing help to develop gross motor skills.

Bubble Recipe

6 cups of water

2 cups of Dawn

Mix together and store in an airtight container.  There are numerous things that can be used to create bubbles…hands, plastic berry baskets, wire hangers shaped into various shapes, PVC pipe with a cheese cloth at the end, toilet paper roll with a nylon on the end, plastic water bottle with the bottom cut off covered with a washcloth, the “handle” that keeps two bottles of juice together (when bought from Costco)…the possibilities are endless!

Variation to recipe: Add 2 Tbs of glycerin to help strengthen the bubbles

More Photos

Child Playing

Child Playing

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