Fun Times at Young Explorers Schools

Fall season brings many exciting learning experiences for children at both Young Explorers Schools.

In October especially for Halloween our pumpkins become a great resource for cooking and baking activities. First they are changed into jack-o-lanterns. Next they become pumpkin pulp. Children get to “smush” the cook pumpkin, make puree and finally bake delicious pumpkin bread that is frozen to be served at our feasts.

November is filled with delicious cooking of pumpkin bread, grinding cranberries, making decorations, and most exciting is our “stuffing turkeys” days.

As you can see by the photos the children are eager to count the eggs, add the additional ingredients that make the most delicious stuffing ever. Parents and family members come to the feast to enjoy the wonderful food and enjoy other families too.

Our Community Food Bank Drive this year was most successful. The families brought in over 170 lbs. of food and $719.50 in cash donations. This enabled the CFB to purchase over $719.50 x$9.00=$6475.50 worth of food. The children and staff delivered the food to the CFB and had a great visit seeing where our donations were going.

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the food weighed on the gigantic scale. The trip enabled our children to be aware of sharing and caring.

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