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March 2017 Y.E.S! Parents Newsletter

Friday, March 17th, 2017


Dear Parents:

February was a very short month but was packed with many exciting learning adventures. Our Valentines were mailed and hopefully you received your special card from your child. Our Valentine’s Party was truly fun and of course receiving gifts and cards made it special. The ponies from Rocking Star made our Rodeo Party fun and of course our delicious cowboy lunch made many memorable moments.

Our First Thing First – Quality First visit went well. We have signed the participation packet. Our Quality First coach is Josi Tyrell. She assisted us at our Bellevue School when we received our 3 star rating. We are ready to begin our challenges and proceed with the program. We will keep you informed since parent participation will be a part of the process.

March 17th. St Patrick’s Day. Wear your colors.

Spring time brings out the crazies in all of us. It seems the weather is cool in the morning and warms up for the rest of the day. Dress your child in clothes that will aid them in the active play. It is really important to have your child be able to dress and undress while doing their ”potty” times. Avoid the cute belts and clothes with lots of buttons and snaps if possible. Helping children become independent is critical for their emotional development.

School Clothes

If your child has an accident and brings home school clothes; please return them to us after washing. If you have some clothes that your child has out grown we would be happy to recycle them for you. We are low on sizes 4 to 6 for both girls and boys. We especially need good clean underwear. We are getting very low in our collection. We would hate to have to put a diaper on if we don’t have the correct size.

Scholastic Book Orders

Our school is now a part of the of the RED APPLE Teacher status. This means our orders have encouraged the love of reading. They have given us additional 500 extra bonus points. Our next order will be sent for the April selection on March 29th. I discovered if we phone our order in they shipped them quickly. So if you want some books as gifts for Easter, this will be a good time to order them. Attached is a copy of the Readers Pledge. If each classroom returns 10 pledges the classroom will receive a free book coupon.


You should have received a copy of your signed contract. Please let me know if you would need another one. Remember about the new rates, the 10 hour day fee, and the late fees. If you have any questions regarding this I would love to set up a time to meet and discuss this. YES! has appreciated your cooperation and understanding.


Quite often your child and teacher would like to be able to communicate with you when you come into the school. It is really difficult when you are on your phone and are distracted. It would be courteous to put your phone away when entering the front door. This would also give you some privacy regarding your conversation. Other people and children do not need to hear your private conversation, which is sometimes embarrassing to overhear. Your child is so happy to see you and deserves your attention.

Volunteers Needed for our School Garden

Do you enjoy gardening? Our school garden is in needed of a “green thumb” or two. We would like to get our garden going. We could use some help in digging the soil, planting and of course giving us some tips of the best way to grow our vegetables. Let us know if you are interested.

Sick Child Policy

In order to minimize germs and other health issues, your cooperation is needed. If your child leaves school with a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea they must be free from the symptoms for 24 hours. This means without medication too. Some parents take the child to the doctor and are given a note stating what time line they would recommend. Remember when your child is having these symptoms this could be the beginning of something else starting. You do not want your child to develop severe health issues because they are having their immune system challenged. If we all follow these procedures, we may be able to keep the spread to a minimum. Your child’s health is very critical.

Curriculum Corner

Our children have been working writing letters in the alphabet. You can encourage them to look for the letters in many ways. On the way to school discuss what letters they see on buildings and signs. Children recognize many letters on things they experience each day. Even the youngest child knows the big golden M on Mc Donald’s. When you make out your grocery list, use paper and pen so that children can see the need and use of writing words. Yes, I know that is rather old fashion since your phone can keep your list active and current but children need to see the need to write and learn words.

Instead of spending outrageous amounts of money on toys that they lose interest in, have a container of supplies they can use in a safe place. Pencils, pens, markers, paper, old junk mail, scissors and glue are just a few items you can have available for them. Encourage your child to write and draw. Children need to develop their fine motor skills of handling pencils, crayons and markers even before attempting to write letters and numbers.

The papers can be stapled into a book. Be sure to write the date on the title page. This will show you how much the child is growing and learning. The progress can be so amazing. I know this will probably drive you crazy if you are “neatniks!”  Get a big plastic container and put all the treasures in one place. Don’t forget to send some of the wonderful creations to grandparents and other friends.

You can use pictures from magazines, newspapers, old calendars, family shots to encourage discussing what is happening as well as extending your child’s language. Ask questions regarding colors, shapes, and size to encourage their imaginations. Taking time to encourage communicating demonstrates to them you are interested in what they are thinking. It is amazing how they will begin to use more than one word to express their ideas.

This is what makes each day working with your child so special. Listening, sharing and encouraging are very important in the learning process.

Do you know that the alphabet letters are 6 basic combinations of strokes?

Always encourage children to try to write the words they know. DON’T be critical of the way the letters look. Always ask the child which one they think is the best.   Many children will write their names backwards. This is not unusual or cause for alarm. Here’s a trick you can try. Have them take their paper and look in the mirror with it. You will see that the name is spelled perfectly. If we encourage the process of writing we also encourage the process of reading. You really want your child to be successful learners. Encouragement works wonders. Criticism sometimes discourages the child from risking and avoiding making mistakes. We can have great learning experiences even when making a few mistakes. This is fine as long as the mistakes are not harmful and life threatening.

Enjoy the spring weather and the joys of the new blossoms. Don’t forget to pass the Kleenex!