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ABC’s for Happy Children

Monday, February 8th, 2010

B-Balance of activities – computers and TV
C- Creative experiences in art, music, drama
D -Desire to learn and positive attitude
E-Exercise and nutritional food to eat
F-Fun! Play!
G-Group experiences- play groups- church groups
H-Hands on learning opportunities- gooey mud
I-Independence- Do it myself.
J-Jobs (chores) and responsibility
K-Kindness to each other
L-Limits and rules and consequences
M-Making things and using tools
N-Nature exploration
O-Outside play
P-Praise and encouragement
Q-Questions and language experiences
R-Rest and relaxation-
S-Stories, stories, stories
T-Time to talk, explore, discover
U-Understanding adults
V-Variety of materials- crayons, paper, books.
W-Work that is meaningful.
X-Xylophones and other instruments
YES! environment where they can be successful
Zat’s not all! What else can you add to this list?