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The Value of Play

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Parents are becoming increasingly aware of the value of play in the lives of children.
For children, play is not only fun but it also teaches a child many important concepts.

Play aids the child in learning to be part of the group.

Group play provides children with the opportunity to practice social skills with their age mates.

Play teaches cooperation and teamwork.

Group play requires that children give and take, wait, etc.

Play teaches the learning of rules.

A group of children will make up and enforce many rules and regulations governing their play.

Play provides a child with the opportunity to test his limit &

Through play, the child learns what he is able to do and what he is not yet able to do.

Play pro v/des a chance to test ideas.

Children learn to test and modify their ideas.

Play develops sportsmanship.

Through play, a child learns that one cannot win always. He also learns that others must also have the opportunity for a chance to try.

Play teaches a child respect for others.

Through group play, a child learns that others may disagree with him, yet remain friends.

Play teaches about life.

Play teaches how to get along with others and adjust to playing with other people.

Play teaches a child about conflict,

A child learns that we will not always agree with others but he also learns that solutions can be found.

Play develops a child physically.

As a child learns to play hard, his body grows. He learns that muscular development is needed for a strong body.